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MERINO STUD - Cassillis Park, Performance to bank on









Thursday 5th October 2017


52 Cassilis Park Merino Rams (8 Poll)

8 Mega Merino Poll Rams



INSPECTION - 10:00am

SALE - 1:00 pm



-Lunch provided

-Free delivery of rams

-Open cry auction


James & Cam Armstrong - 0412926525




9843 Golden Highway 




For more information and stud contacts click here

Cassilis Park Breeding Philosophies 

Cassilis Park Brochure 2017

MM and CP Catalogue Figures 2017


2016 ram & stud results:

  • ·  CP auction rams average 77 kg (12 months of age) with no supplementary feeding – 18.5 ave micron

  • ·  Over 50% (24/44) of rams on offer are twins

  • ·  Average growth rate last 7 weeks - 215g/day Cassilis Park, 286g/day Mega Merinos

  • ·  2016 scanning results for CP stud ewes - 161% with no supplementary feeding

  • ·  Foundation poll stud sire purchased as well as semen AI’d in March, planned purchase of Moorundie poll ewes before 2017 joining


It is evident that these genetics are performing and this is a great chance to secure productive genetics at affordable prices.



Our aim at CP is to breed a truly balanced animal that guarantees the best possible profit per hectare by utilising the positive meat and wool characteristics of the Merino breed. We are employing the latest technology and sourcing leading genetics to achieve these goals without compromising out studs' well established history of prepotency and breeding true to type.

Our refreshed breeding objectives are outlined below. In order to achieve theses goals we have overhauled our production and breeding system. This includes a new set of guildlines for selection to ensure our decisions are focused on improving the three major areas impacting on enterprise profit, namely, fertility (lambs weaned per hectare), improving growth rate and soft handling quality wool.


- 8 kg increase in BW at 12 months

- 5kg increase in BW at 180 days

- 25% increase lambs weaned per ha

- Maintain fleece weight at 7.1kg

- Reduce micron by 0.5 to 19.1ì


For a ewe to be retained in the stud she must conform to the following requirements:

Fertility & Weaning Score - Minimum requirement 100% 
- Ram lambs minimum growth rate 190g/day (58kg @ 10 months)
- Ewe lambs minimum growth rate 125g/day (45kg @ 12 months)
- Adult ewe wool cut 12% of body weight
- Adult ewe maximum micron < 10% above flock average
- Ewes must rear a lamb or lambs 40% * of their own body weight at weaning

* seasonally adjusted



- All lambs body weighed at weaning, 180 days and 300 days
- Young ewes micron tested and fleece weighed at 12 months of age
- All stud ewes and rams visually classed and micron tested annually
- Every stud lamb full pedigree information and dam fertility scoring 
- Electronic identification (EID) for all stud sheep 
- Establishment of High Fertility Group (HFG)


Performance to bank on